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Hong Lim Building Contractor was established on January 1983 founded by Mr Chng Yong Huat when Singapore started building high-rise housing to cater to the growth and development of the nation. HDB units were built to replace the vast area of old kampongs or villages in Singapore as the nation modernized.

Mr Chng was also a partner of Accord Building Contractor prior to establishing Hong Lim and thus has over 40 years of renovation and construction experiences.

Hong Lim Building Contractor has 40 years of history, it has built and renovated thousands of houses and flats for Singaporean and non-Singaporean over the past years. With a long history the company was establish, the reputation of the company on the quality workmanship, quality building material used as well as interior design services provided were recognized.

Hong Lim Building Contractor has a portfolio that not many renovation contractors can match with the company renovating 3 to 4 hundreds of houses each year since the company was founded. The company is specialized in ID, tiling and construction with a team of specialized engineers, experienced tilers and technicians who are able to fulfill customers’ stringent requirements and needs.

Hong Lim company’s logo was made up the 3 pillars which represent Quality, Integrity and Creativity. The company will always provide quality renovation work to our customers and to their satisfactions and expectations. The company is committed to honesty, integrity and accountability to our customers.

Lastly is the pillar of Creativity, our company has a team of designers, tilers as well as technicians who have the capability to perform their tasks and has knowledge on the latest current market trends on Interior Design and Renovation to service our customers.

Hong Lim Group

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Hong Lim Building Contractor

Hong Lim Building Contractor is the founding company of Hong Lim Group that involves in renovation projects for HDB and private housing.

The company is still actively providing renovation services to local homeowners/ IDs and contractors.

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Hong Lim Interior Design

Hong Lim Interior Design was setup to assist Hong Lim Building Contractor branch initially to support in increasing demand for interior design services for homeowner.

The company current provides interior design works for residential, commercial and retail projects.

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SLION Group is the company that manage F&B units in Malaysia and China. The company manages the group's "SLION" F&B brand.

The company was setup by Dave, MD of Hong Lim Group in China under "V Max Enterprise Co., Ltd" with the office located in Shenzhen that manages SLION group of cafes over China.

The company also manage directly SLION brand of cafes in KL, Malaysia that were newly setup in 2023.

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V Max Group

V Max Group is the company that provide QS and Project Management services locally.