Mr Chng Yong Huat 
Hong Lim Group Pte. Ltd.
Hong Lim Building Contractor

Mr Chng has over 40 years of interior, renovation and construction experiences and helped renovated thousands of homes for homeowners. 

Mr Chng has very good reputation in the renovation and construction circle, he is labelled as reliable, responsible and only produces quality renovation. Over the span of 39 years, Mr Chng has built up Hong Lim Group of companies including Hong Lim Building Contractor and Hong Lim Interior Design to name a few.

Mr Chng was also the founder of Hong Lee Building Material Pte Ltd that was co-founded by Mr Neo Aik Cheng and Mr Toh Hea Yam. The company specialise in distribution of building materials such as floor and wall tiles from China, Italy and Spain.

It has also been Mr Chng’s philosophy that all renovation and interior design projects handle by him will be of good quality standard and at a reasonable cost for the homeowners. Mr Chng also try to advise and recommend homeowners areas that need or need not to be renovated in order to help homeowners save some costs and budget on renovation.

Mr Dave Chng Han Chuan 
M.Sc, B.Eng (Hons), B.Sc (Hons) 
Managing Director 
Hong Lim Group Pte. Ltd.
Hong Lim Interior Design

Mr Dave Chng Han Chuan is the managing director of Hong Lim Interior Design. Prior to Mr Dave managing the family business founded by Mr Chng Yong Huat, he was the CEO of SLION Group dealing with management of Café franchises at China and V Max Group dealing with agriculture chemical import and export business. Dave graduated from National University of Singapore Engineering faculty and London School of Economics & Political Science, University of London major in Business Management. He has also obtained a Postgraduate Master degree from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore.

Dave has years of experiences in Project Management, Business Management as well as Branding Management in Defence, Manufacturing, Fashion and F&B sectors. He has led the entry of Nanyang Coffee & Tea brand into China market and also the introduction of Slion Coffee brand of cafes into the China market that provides new coffee experiences to China consumers. Dave still remains the title of honorary director of SLION Group (China) advising the management team of the company on the planning and direction of the F&B businesses.  

Dave is in charge of the renovation and interior design businesses from the founder. He has many years of renovation and interior design experiences helping out the family businesses whenever possible. He has also obtained an interior design certificate from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. Dave has helped many homeowners/ property owners renovated their new acquired houses/ properties to their dream homes/ properties. Dave also has experiences working with Exterior Interior Designers, Architects, Developers and Builders in renovating their interior renovation projects. 



Ms Michelle Chng Hui Hui 
B.Eng (Hons) 
Managing Director 
Hong Interior Design

Ms Michelle Chng Hui Hui is the managing director of Hong Interior Design. Michelle graduated from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore Engineering faculty.

Michelle has years of experiences in Quality Management, Business Management as well as Manufacturing. She has more than 5 years of experiences in the renovation sector with Mr Chng Yong Huat as her mentor over the years.



Ms Yvonne Tho 
B.Sc (Hons) 
QS Consultant (Advisor)
Hong Lim Group Pte. Ltd.

Ms Yvonne is Hong Lim Group's advisor relating to construction, renovation contractual and technical matters. Ms Yvonne graduated from Australia Curtin University, Building and Management faculty.

Ms Yvonne has experiences in Quantity Surveyor, Project Management as well as Building/ Construction Law. She has more than 23 years of experiences in the building construction sector and is an important management member of the group.



Ms Nicole Lee 
CPA, CFA, B.A (Hons) 
Finance Manager
Hong Lim Group Pte. Ltd.

Ms Nicole Lee is Hong Lim Group's Finance Manager in charge of the accounting related matters and also advisor for the Group's financial matters. 

Nicole graduated from National University of Singapore and has worked in auditorial and account consultant company with many years of finance and accounting experiences. With Nicole joining the company in year 2021 greatly helps to digitalise and systemise the group accounting and finance processes.



Ms Florence Tan 
LLB (Hons) 
Corporate Legal Advisor
Hong Lim Group Pte. Ltd.

Ms florence Tan is Hong Lim Group's Legal advisor regarding contract terms matter and providing all legal advises.  

Florence has worked with many MNCs and SMEs before joining Hong Lim as a legal advisor. With Florence's experiences in corporate legal, she will be providing important and useful legal advises for the group expansion into more commercial and industrial renovation and building projects.